Kieran Startup is a Graphic Designer based in London working in the fields of art direction, exhibition design, print and web development.
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Kieran Startup is a Graphic Designer based in London working in the fields of art direction, exhibition design, print and web development.

Graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in 2013 with a BA(Hons) Communication Design, he currently works as an Art Director at Hellicar&Lewis.

Available for work on a project–by–project basis.

To get in touch email or call on +44 (0)759 431 4125

  • Musical Chairs | Generation | 2015

    Art direction of image to be used in printed materials distributed around North England for the tour of the Generation – 'Musical Chairs' project.

    At Hellicar & Lewis.

  • Brown Rice Records | 2015

    Simple website design and implementation for London based record label.

    With Bafic.

    View the website here –

  • Future Brown | Warp Records | 2015

    Website design, development and asset creation for New York based group – Future Brown.

    View the website here –

  • #mizxflux | Adidas | 2014

    The mi ZX Flux installation was first installed at the Adidas Originals flagship store in Berlin as a means to demonstrate Adidas' shoe customisation app. The installation allowed users to tweet or instagram their own images in, with the resulting outcome projection-mapped onto the miZXFlux shoe.

    Art direction of the graphical elements of the installation as well as the visual output to promote the event during the flagship store launch. This included the window vinyl wrap, teaser and call-to-action imagery along with video content.

    At Hellicar & Lewis.

  • opti-ME* | Auto Italia South East | 2014

    Signage for Auto Italia South East's exhibition opti-ME*, which ran from the 27th April — 25th May at their space in King's Cross. The identity developed was also used as stickers, which were used to secure boxes together forming seating for participants to use during events.

    The opti-ME* exhibition and event series brought together a selection of creative workers to interrogate the role of the artist, both as model for radical change and as self-promotional strategist.

    opti-ME* is a project by Auto Italia in collaboration with: Justin Jaeckle, Pablo Jones-Soler, Annika Kuhlmann, Ingo Niermann, Paloma Proudfoot, Britta Thie, Sophie Wyatt, Julia Zange.

    opti-ME*, Auto Italia, 2014. Images © Theo Cook.

  • Nike Feel TV | Nike | 2013

    ‘Feel TV’ was an interactive live broadcast which was part of Nike’s ‘Festival of Feel’ in Shoreditch, London, developed in collaboration with INT Works. The live broadcast enabled viewers to tweet in shout-outs and visual effects that effected the broadcast in real time.

    Art Direction of the visual effects layered over the live broadcast and design / layout of teaser video's graphical elements.

    At Hellicar & Lewis.

  • Porth y Swnt Aberdaron Visitor Centre | National Trust | 2013

    Simplified tidal current map for the immediate area surrounding Aberdaron and Bardsey Island. To be included in the National Trust Henfaes Centre Porth y Swnt visitor centre, Wales.

    At Hellicar & Lewis.

  • Civil Unrest in the Post-2008 Socio-Economic Climate | 2012

    This essay looks at civil unrest as a generational struggle for recognition in the post-2008 socio-economic climate. Specifically it focuses on the timeframe between the Student Protests in late 2010, and the August Riots of 2011. By looking at such short timeframe the aim was to show that the Student Protests in some way informed what was to happen at the Riots.

  • Blue Magic | 2012

    Inspired by the heroin bags from the 2007 film American Gangster, these postcards were made in a manner analogous to how the main character Frank Lucas conducts his business; where he cut out the suppliers and imported straight from Vietnam, we cut out the printers and handled everything from buying paper to distribution.

    With Gareth Lindsay.

  • White Label Mixtape | 2013

    Mixtape consisting of all white label vinyl records owned by myself and Gareth Lindsay. The tracklist is ordered chronologically by date of purchase. The A-Side features all the white label A-Sides whilst the B-Side features all the white label B-Sides. Red sticker denotes A-Side.

    With Gareth Lindsay.

  • Communication Design Website | The Glasgow School of Art | 2013

    Website for The Glasgow School of Art's 2013 graduating Communication Design course. The layout reflected the form of the graduating years catalogue, with each of the three specialism's images being split across a different axis.

  • RGB Mono | 2014

    In the first iteration of this installation at Good Press Gallery in Monorail Music, we hosted a table tennis tournament as a homage to the gallery's former purpose. The installation featured a camera suspended above the table, streaming live video to a laptop, which in turn live-streamed the video to the other two laptops via uStream. With each laptop running a Processing sketch, the live video was split into either it's red, green or blue channel and projected back into the space overlaid on itself, thus producing a full RGB image.

    While this was largely a digital project, the event-based context did facilitate the opportunity to create a promotional poster that reflected the roots of the project and the medium of print. Using a four-colour blend we mixed process magenta, yellow, cyan and magenta in order to make red, green and blue.

    With Gareth Lindsay and Ben Lerchin.

  • Subject Matter | 2012

    A collection of work created with the sole intention of being displayed within the context of an exhibition/ event set to the soundtrack of a systematic playlist of vinyl played in ascending bpm order.

    Exhibiting items included; Blue Magic polemic postcards; An overprinted risograph architectural drawing in collaboration with Jordan Stocks; Ten fold architectural plans; Self-assembled catalog; Plaster cast of Graphic KR magazine grid; Pastiche jeans prints; Free mixtape.

    All photographs shot by attendees at the event.

    With Gareth Lindsay.

  • 2-4-1 Recession Buster Business Card | 2013

    2-4-1 perforated business card merging segments of myself and Gareth Lindsay's business cards.

    With Gareth Lindsay.

  • Immaterial Labour Isn't Working #13 | Auto Italia South East | 2013

    Commissioned by Huw Lemmey in partnership with Auto Italia South East for Immaterial Isn't Working, "a series of talks, texts and online contributions from artists, activists, technologists and writers examining how digital technology is changing our political and productive selves."

    Freesheet featuring texts written by Tom Athanasiou on the subject of automation in the workplace.